Publication: Molecular underpinnings of amyloid fibril twisting.

Congratulations to our collaborators for the new collaborative paper on the characteristic twisting of amyloid fibril filaments, which has just appeared online as accepted for publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The paper, titled “Energetics Underlying Twist Polymorphisms in Amyloid Fibrils“, describes molecular dynamics simulations of the twisting of amyloid-like structures of the GNNQQNY peptide fragment from the yeast prion protein Sup35p. This particular peptide has developed into an essential model system for studies of the structure and formation of amyloid fibrils, and (for instance) how they differ from crystalline assemblies formed by these and other polypeptides [1-3].

The full citation is:
Energetics Underlying Twist Polymorphisms in Amyloid Fibrils Periole, X., Huber, T., Bonito-Oliva, A., Aberg, K.C., Van der Wel, P.C.A., Sakmar, T.P., & Marrink, S.J. (2018) J. Phys. Chem. B in press

Accessible as an online preprint at the journal.


Related references:

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