Photo of the NMR facility
Photo of the departmental NMR facility in the BST3 basement.

We make extensive use of the state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation of the Department of Structural Biology’s NMR facility, in the basement of the Biomedical Science Tower 3. This facility (see photo on the right) offers a total of seven spectrometers between 600 and 900MHz, including two wide-bore magnets configured for solid-state NMR.

Wide-bore 750MHz Spectrometer

A new NIH-funded 750 MHz wide-bore magnet was recently added to the facility. The system offers a range of advanced capabilities for biological MAS ssNMR, including ‘very fast’ (1.3 and 1.9mm) CP/MAS probes, and two 3.2 mm CP/MAS probes, with triple-channel H/C/N configurations.

Wide-bore 600MHz Spectrometer

The 600WB system is outfitted with four channels, high power transmitters and other required accessories. It features an array of SSNMR probes:

  • 3.2mm HCN EFree CPMAS probe that can reach MAS rates up to 24kHz and has a coil design that minimizes sample heating.
  • wide-bore 4mm CPMAS probe that can be configured for three-channel HCN mode and two-channel 31P/1H mode.
  • 4mm HRMAS HCN probe with gradient
  • 3.2mm quadruple-channel HFCN 3.2mm MAS probe,
  • 4mm HCN CPMAS probe with Z-gradient.
  • static BIOPE probe that can be configured for 15N/1H or  31P/1H/2H operation  (for bicelles or aligned samples)
  • static BIOPE three-channel probe for 13C/15N/1H operation, with a flat coil for aligned samples

Standard-bore 800MHz NMR Spectrometer

The  800MHz NMR system has five channels, high power amplifiers, and the following Bruker Biospin SSNMR probes, alongside a solution NMR cryoprobe:

  • 3.2mm HCN EFree CPMAS probe (MAS rates up to 24kHz; minimized sample heating)
  • 4mm HCN CPMAS probe
  • 4mm HRMAS HCN probe with gradient
  • static EFree probe for 15N/13C/1H operation outfitted with a rectangular EFree coil
  • static two-channel probe for 2H/1H operation with a cylindrical EFree coil.

Other facilities and resources

The Department offers access to a variety of other high-end facilities, including excellent computational, EM and X-ray equipment. Some links to other local resources:


Top view of the Structural Biology NMR facility, with the 600WB in front.
Top view of the Structural Biology NMR facility, with the 600WB in front/middle.