Publication: MAS NMR studies of lipid phase behavior at low temperatures. (Biophys J)

Congratulations to Abhishek Mandal for his new paper in the Biophysical Journal. You can gain free access to the paper through the following URL (until Dec 2016). In this paper Abhishek describes his use of magic-angle-spinning NMR and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to look at the freezing and melting of water and lipids in hydrated membrane samples. Detecting the lipid and water proton nuclei by NMR, we observe a change in the freezing temperature of the water and the gel-liquid transition of the phospholipids (including also cardiolipin (TOCL)-containing samples). The MAS NMR sample conditions lower the freezing point of the water, but also lead to a lowering of the lipids Tm temperature. For more information read the paper here.


MAS 1H NMR Probes Freezing Point Depression of Water and Liquid-Gel Phase Transitions in Liposomes
Abhishek Mandal, Patrick C.A. van der Wel
Biophysical Journal, Volume 111, Issue 9, 1 November 2016, Pages 1965–1973